A Quiet Night

It’s been more than a night. I use the phrase because, well, it sounds nice. The reality is though our farm has been fairly quiet for over a month now, and quiet is good. It simply means there hasn’t been much going on. Frankly, ‘normal’ is nice. Unfortunately it means there isn’t much to write about, hence the hiatus.

One problem that has been going on for several months now is that our ducks haven’t been laying. We can’t put a pin in why. There’s no obvious stressors we can find, and they laid all winter last year, so we don’t feel like it is a lack of light issue. There is a street lamp near their pen, so there is a lot of artificial light. I mention this in case any of you out there in farm and cyber world have any ideas. We have changed over to a higher protein food, but there hasn’t been enough time to tell if it has made a difference.

If you have ideas let me know!

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