Waste Not Want Not

The phrase is often used by farmers. It’s our bread and butter in a sense. We recently acquired some milk. By some I mean several gallons. A friend had extra from a business that was about to go bad. Michael is crafty in the kitchen, that has never been a secret. He loves to try new things that most people wouldn’t even try.

So what did he do with the milk? Made mozzarella! From scratch! It was amazing. It was tasty and the coolest process to watch. He used a recipe and unfortunately we were using 1% because it was what was given. It was healthier that way though.

That wasn’t all though! He was able to make yogurt from some of the other milk! I am constantly impressed with his ingenuity. Now the trick is we have half a gallon of yogurt. Who needs that much?! Someone planning on making frozen yogurt. Aka, me.

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