A Tough Cookie

Zeus is not a cookie, nor is it his name, but he is in fact a tough one. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of tolerance this animal has. He just has bad luck in terms of his reaction to fungus, flies, and other mild maladies. Minor for most, but for him a simple fly bite swells to the size of a dime. He has a near perpetual case of scratches. This horse just doesn’t complain much. Many of you have read about and are familiar with him. I just have to brag on him again.

In a recent post I described the large abscess he blew. He never went lame, just didn’t want to put extra weight on it. Fair enough, in my humble opinion. As it has been healing and cleaned, meaning poked at often, and he doesn’t do anything more than give a sniff at my back. I can’t ask for more from him. He is just impressive. More so considering prior to now he’s had a pretty rough life. Here’s to the tough ones, the non complainers, the comeback kids.

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