A Summer That Never Ends

The title was intended to be a Game of Thrones joke, since in the show they often idealize the concept of a summer that never ends. Even the concept of a long summer is directly mentioned. Well, the people of Westeros did not live in the American Southeast. It is hot, humid, and difficult to work in. No duh right? Well as many of our farm friends know, it isn’t easy to get our work done in this heat.

This is just a shout out to the others out there living through this Indian Summer, may your work get done, may you manage as best as you can, may things be easier and less humid for you than it is for me. Unfortunately I’m sun sensitive due to some medication, so perhaps I should be nocturnal instead. If only I could see in the dark.

Also, now take suggestions for killing wharf rats and scaring away crows. Have any suggestions, message me!

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