Wild Duck Chase

A nightmare started the other day. I get texts at 7 am while out of state asking if my ducks are in their pen. Being that I’m 6 hours away and adoring of my ducks, I start freaking out. They were bought from California so its not like I can replace them easily even if I wanted to.

I’m now calling everyone I can think of to go check on them because the person who has been minding the farm isn’t due until that evening. A neighbor sends a kid and he says he doesn’t see them in the road, which is where I was told they would be. I don’t know if that’s a relief or not.

Finally the neighbor went to check after we heard but didn’t see them on security camera. They were in their pen, and never left. I was getting frantic texts from multiple people about a wild duck with her babies. Mine aren’t even broody so wouldn’t have a line of ducklings. Relief, but really?! I don’t have Mallards or Rouens or any other broody bird.

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