A Lame Horse

A horse going lame is a difficult thing. Sometimes it is easy to fix, sometimes not so much. Previous posts have revealed how Zeus, while hardy and not a complainer, has many things that happen with him. In summary the poor guy has a near perpetual case of scratches, white line disease, and a sore back.

My secret weapon though, is my chiropractor. Her name is Vicky and she is absolutely incredible. I call her before I call my Vet in many cases. She is a chiropractor, masseuse, saddle fitter, and many other amazing skills. Zeus always looks so much better after she’s been to see him.

To my surprise, yes his hips were out of whack which hurt his back, but also, she had great advice about the white line. I learned from her visit that his liver is out of whack, and she was able to make a recommendation for that too. You see, she was able to see how his liver line looked and while not bad, it was a little out of balance.

She was even able to recommend a new supplement to their diet and a new way to treat the white line. I’ve been treating it with a rotation of thrush buster and betadine. No luck. They even had to cut his hoof back. Part of the problem is it not getting his feet cleaned and treated quite enough. This comes largely from him being less than easy to catch and having approximately 6 acres open to him. Far too much. We need to pen them in, and I’ve been trying to get help for that to happen for awhile now. In any case, the treatment hadn’t worked.

First she had me change the white line treatment to tea tree oil. The new treatment for the scratches will include clotrimazole and aloe vera. Lastly to try and get the white line gone for good, a new supplement for the feed,  Biostar . I’ve added horseshoer’s secret to help grow the food out.

To be clear, I’m not being paid for any of this, I’m simply hopeful to help my poor guy. He hasn’t had the easiest life, and I’m trying to make it better. Updates to follow.

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