The Most Unfortunate Events

The most unfortunate events are the most unfortunate because they are both negative and have poor timing. Michael and I are nerds, this is no secret, and we have DragonCon this weekend. It is the only Con we do and a big event every year.

Now that I’ve set the scene, let me tell you a little more about my boy Zeus. He is a horse who has had approximately 12 homes in as many years as far as I can tell. Despite this, he is a truly good boy. Someone has mishandled him at some point, but he has been willing to learn to trust us again, and he’s always been amazing under saddle. He just didn’t have any clue about why we’d want to pet him, give him treats, or do anything with him that wasn’t tack and ride. This is unfortunate because he is the most problem prone horse. He is, by our guess, half spotted saddle and half rocky mountain horse. He has a small white patch and a beautiful brown almost black color. He is gaited and under saddle very hard to spook. I love him to pieces, though in a different way than I love Holly.

So what do I mean by problem prone? Well, he’s allergic to something in our grass which gives him a near perpetual case of scratches. He has a back end that is often tight so he is a frequent visitor with the chiropractor. He is sensitive to fly bites and often swells from them. He is a mess. Despite this he has the pain tolerance of a tank. So when he comes up lame, it isn’t good. That is what happened yesterday. He’s got some thrush at the moment, as well as the scratches, but I don’t think either is the problem. So his chiropractor we call, and in the mean time he’s penned in the barn, the size of 4 stalls, getting hay and dimethyl sulfoxide plus treatment for scratches, and thrush. The other legs are wrapped, and we are hoping he’s better soon. His theory on all of this? LET ME OUT YOU HEIFERS!

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