I find myself explaining certain things over and over again. It is sometimes frustrating. People ask why I don’t even consider eating my ducks, I mean they are a delicacy. OMG I’ve explained this so many times so I’m going to put it out in the universe and maybe it will somehow make me have to explain less


  1. My ducks are generally dual purpose or egg ducks. Meaning, wouldn’t be as good to eat as say a Pekin
  2. My ducks are breeds not found in my area so in order to replace one it would be ordering ducks from California
  3. They weren’t bought with the plan to eat them
  4. They have their own job. Laying eggs. Why would I eat them?
  5. Um, I’ve raised them since babies to be pets. I’m not a vegetarian, but I have to go into it when I first get them on weather they are for eating or not.
  6. They are cute
  7. I don’t want to
  8. Why do I need another reason?

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