The Woe of Filth

I rather like to think the titles of my blogs are overdramatic. That is certainly the point, because lets face it, life on a farm while constantly busy, isn’t very dramatic. To that end, what this ‘woe’ is, is a duck pond. Its man made, and small. The thing is, we can’t seem to find a way to keep it clean. I’ve blogged on it before, but the difference this time is I am on my own about coming up with a plan. Michael thinks it will get blocked with pinestraw no matter what we do. I say baloney. So, I don’t think I’m a genius, but here is my plan.

Step 1: Get a very wimpy submersible pump

Step 2: Build a cage for that pump with wire mesh.

Step 3: Run the water from that pump to a pond form, small and round, we had before.

Step 4: Tilt that pond form ever so slightly toward the pond.

Step 5: Fill that pond with water lilies, and maybe gold fish? Any ideas are WELCOME

Step 6: When the pond gets full it will create a flow back into the pond.

Step 7:Try to limit how much pinestraw gets in the pond.

With an objective eye, I can honestly say that sounds like a hot freakin mess, so if you have ideas, hit me up.





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