Not Cool

So I am not working at the moment, nothing beyond the farm that is, so during the week I can sleep in or not. Personally, I’d prefer if I sleep in less but for whatever reason that is when my body is hitting the snooze button.

Saturdays and Sundays are the only day Michael can sleep in. Not shockingly, I’d prefer to match his schedule. Lo and behold, now on this Saturday I’m up by 6 and can’t go back to sleep. Its like seriously karma? Have I done something this week?! I have a cleaner kitchen to show for it, but it was full of smoke (perhaps cleaning cast iron before 8 was a bad idea).. and my house is now hotter than it should be (door open releasing AC in order to remove smoke), but hey, gotta see the positives. The pasture is beautiful this time of morning, I rarely drink coffee because who has the time. I do. This morning. Seize the day y’all

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