The Thing About Rats

A recent discovery has lead me to realize my adversary, the crow, is not the only one. I thought Lucy, the goose, was a guardian enough for many predators. I was mistaken. You see, they are not that incredibly sneaky. The ducks have been unintentional collaborators. Many who keep birds don’t know the ways of the waterfowl. Ducks are rooters. Kind of like pigs. They love to dig for worms. You want to scorch earth to dirt? Pen in some ducks.

That being said, its not surprising that they leave a bunch of holes. Hence why I have been ignoring all of these holes appearing in the duck pen. None of the birds were acting odd or harmed, and the holes seemed the same as they’d always been. This. Was. Lies.

We thought we were losing eggs to crows, but something had to be missing. When crows take them though, we often find the empty shells. There has just been some missing. Then I noticed the holes in hay. The thing is that ducks wouldn’t do that in hay, they’d be doing it in soil, where they’d expect to find worms or bugs. Mystery solved. We are losing eggs to rats AND crows.


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