The Villains

Every farm will have some sort of villain, if I let some of my theatricality show. More pragmatic writers likely refer to them as pests, predators, problems, you get the idea. On our farm we have been very lucky. The horses are easy, because none but the largest predators are a threat to them, generally speaking, and our geography doesn’t permit them to exist. Not to mention our two are young enough to handle themselves.

The birds are a wholly different manner. Ducks in particular are not able to escape predators as well as say chickens, especially considering ours our penned up. For the most part we have been lucky. Since setting up the most recent pen we haven’t lost a duck. I chalk it up to Lucy the goose, decent shelter, and them having good instincts.

So what then could possibly be my villains? Crows. I don’t know if anyone else run into this, but the crows have been stealing duck eggs. We moved in a new box for laying, and that seems to have helped, but there are some that still lay outside of it. Ducks are as concerned as chickens about where they lay. When we cleaned the pond we found like 30 eggs.

So, what to do? Soon, a scarecrow, and maybe some shiny things on the others side of the property. Any thoughts?

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