Hiatus and Changes

I’ve been away for some time. The readers who followed in the past know that I used to be a special education teacher. I left the profession, for at least a period, as of May. There are many reasons why I did that, but it just doesn’t belong on this blog. This is good and bad. The good is that I am on the farm more. and have time for projects (though honestly in summer heat that doesn’t mean much). The bad news is that our main income is now from Michael. The duck eggs we do sell don’t even cover the cost of feeding the flock, and we aren’t really equipped to expand them to try to improve this. Even if we wanted to, adding new fencing in any capacity is our Achilles Heel, to the degree that several of the chickens (to be extremely clear, the chickens are Michael’s project) have gone MIA. The neighbors asked us to pen them in since they were getting into their garden. Michael’s theory was to throw them in with my ducks. That didn’t bother me in the slightest, as the goose cares for my flock. The only issue with that is that my flock is fenced in with a height that works for my birds. Not shockingly the chickens flew the coop, but the rooster didn’t. Without the rooster the chickens are gone. I suspect and owl.

So, how can I help? One, I’m cutting costs anywhere I possibly can. Secondly, I’m looking at various projects I can make to sell, given the carpentry skills I have. We shall see.

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