You Want How Much?

It isn’t a secret that our property has been a work in progress, to put it mildly, but we have made some good strides lately. We now have a pole barn (yes, pictures will come) but the horses don’t yet have access. It isn’t doing us much good right now. So, the obvious question, why don’t they have access?

We had a ton of young trees, no more than 7 or 8 years blocking the barn to the pasture. We found some general labor to work on that and the fencing since Michael and I simply can’t do everything while working full time. He cut down the trees, but then went poof. Seriously, finding good help is a bugger.

Anyway, so we now have all these trees on the ground, and the horses still don’t have access. Obviously, the trees gotta go. We band together with a friend and her husband who keep her horse on the property. After several hours of hard work we have a giant pile of boughs.

I went to get a quote for removing them and some other trash, nothing difficult, from the property. It was already piled. They wanted $1100! Y’all, have I gone into the wrong industry? I’m thinking its possible. In the mean time, we did not go with that route. Instead, a giant bonfire. We invited a ton of friends to keep it safe, and it was awesome. The old man horse, I need to add him to the about us page, was sneakily enjoying some heat I think, and our friends got to come and see the property. Win Win, but seriously y’all, who knew the garbage industry was making bank?!

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