Now What Part 3

There is a document we hand to parents at the beginning of a meeting. It is rarely read. It is called procedural safeguards, or parental rights. This document outlines what expectations there are for a student with a disability.

Why does it go unread? It is long, includes legal jargon and is difficult to understand. It matters, because there will likely come a time when you as the parent the are your child’s best advocate. Most teachers will be wonderful, but maybe not all.

Your rights are numerous, but here are the big ones you need to get.

1) Your child has the right to be served in the least restrictive appropriate environment. Meaning, they should spend as much time as possible in the general education setting as possible based on what is appropriate for their goals.

2) You have a right to attend meetings. Meaning, at least 3 attempts for 3 different dates must be made before a meeting can be held without your presence/consent

3) If you disagree with a decision made by the team you gave the right to challenge this decision in due process hearings.

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