My Family Doesn’t Get It

Living on a farm is a unique experience. That might be the understatement of a lifetime. The thing is that most the time family not understanding how it works doesn’t really make a big wave or problem with the farm life. That changes when the holidays come around. See part of my family likes to go to the beach on Christmas. We begged them not to do that because that means we can’t really see the other part of my family without a lot of pain and suffering and flying on Christmas Day. They didn’t exactly mean to do it again this year, and they fixed it for next year. This year we are stuck though.

We are luckier than most who have a barn, because we are able to travel more than really any other people with a farm I know. We also unfortunately have to cash in on that luck at Christmas. I love this time of year, but this year I think the stress is causing me to have trouble enjoying it. Anyone with a farm can tell you it’s hard to leave with leaving your farm and someone else’s hands. This post seems to be going in circles, so maybe I should just stop. I hope all you guys out there have a wonderful holiday, and I’m going to try to focus on my blessings. Not many people with as many animals as we have can travel the way we do. Thankful for those who make it possible, hope for the future that maybe we can get slightly better timing. also I think I’m going to start doing summaries and Spanish at the bottom. I used to be near fluent, and I’m losing it because I’m not using it. Have no fear no details there that you were missing, but maybe sharing the story with more people now.

Hola! Está mi primero entrada en español, pero es un resumen de que es en inglés. Me encanta esta lengua, y no quiero perder el habilidad. Yo dijo que Navidad es mi favorito tiempo de año, pero es más difícil cuando tengo un granja. Tenemos muchos animales, y no tenemos muchas ayuda con estos. Voy a estar alegre porque tengo amigos que ayuda. Visitamos muchas país, y vida es buena.

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