Winter is Coming

OK, I’m done letting my nerd shine. However it is true. Winter is right around the corner and that means it is time to start managing getting our herd ready. Or us that means prepping our horses to eat hay. Some think this is overly cautious. I’ve seen too many horses colic over getting hay suddenly and a cold snap though. So very soon we will begin feeding our hay. The question always become so iffy at this time though, and it’s difficult to know which way to go. Or example, we have hay from last year because I bought way too much. We stored it well we thought. Some of the pieces on the ends are not so great. Some people argue that you shouldn’t feed any questionable hay, but other people say that we’re just won’t eat hay that’s gone bad anyway. And of course we know how to juggle something new this year. That being our her now contains three. We have my 210-year-old and my best friends 30-year-old. He because of his age it’s soaked alfalfa but my horses do not. And because he is not highest in the herd we can’t exactly feed them together. It’s taken us forever to get someone out to do some fencing work but hopefully they’ll be here today. What do you guys do to prep your horses for winter?

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