Frittata Anyone?

We are having an unforeseen problem, for which if anyone has recommendations, I’m all ears. I never anticipated having trouble selling our duck eggs, because we did our research. In our area there is limited if any competition, and plenty of home bakers, bakeries, egg artists, and people like me who just like duck egg the same as chicken. We are working to increase our offerings to include both, but right now the chicken production is a wee bit low.

That point aside, I didn’t anticipate having trouble selling the eggs. We have gotten to the point of giving some away rather than letting them go bad. Some of the inquiries are asking for potentially fertilized, which we hadn’t considered in the past. We will be looking into getting a drake in the spring for this express purpose. We weren’t interested in drakes because we were planning on selling ducklings, but there are others who are interested in that kind of egg.

Logic would say get rid of the ducks in favor of chickens. The problem with that is that 1) I love my ducks. I have wanted ducks since I was a kid, and I love them. I know that isn’t exactly pragmatic but it is true. 2) Ducks are more economical. I researched before we decided to go with a full on laying flock. Ducks tend to lay longer, and live longer.

What is our short term plan? Researching recipes that call for a lot of eggs. The top contenders right now include quiche, frittata, and egg fu yong. Anyone out there have any suggestions? I’m not to proud to ask and here is my neon sign!

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