The Full Progress

Since it has been a minute I figured it was time to give you an update about what is going on around the farm, and what to look for updates on.


Our Irons in the Fire

-Selling our duck eggs

-Raising chicks (we’ve bought new barred rock chicks and have successfully hatched at least one in our incubator)

-Trying to get the barn finished

-Integrating a friends things into our tack shed

-Caring for the geriatric horse recently added to our herd

-Continuing to settle Zeus in, and letting him be a horse

-Planning next year’s garden (perhaps with a bit more luck)

-getting blueberry bushes in the ground

-Managing our rooster flock (aka weedeaters)

-Reconsidering hay storage

  • A ton of fencing work. A royal ton.


It is strange to find myself in a position where none of this are insanely pressing.

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