Updating the Masses

Hello all! Apologies for the absence, that was the “school starting back” chaos. I am starting back and ready to go with tons to share. I was stock piling stories in the last month, so even if they didn’t get to you, I have them. So first, a bit of a story, a bit of a serious one, about #teacherlyfe

You see, I have friends with kids so I understand how frustrating and out of control it can be to but school supplies. Half the time they are asked to buy things they don’t even use. From an inside perspective I can tell you a common practice is for teachers to collect all supplies and redistribute. I don’t like this at all because it means that some supplies that your child may have had a preference for they don’t get. If they complain or become upset they become a complainer. Best way to avoid is put your students name on everything. I understand helping students in need, but I feel that should be a choice for parents to make about helping out. I started with all of this because I wanted it known that I see and understand that, but…

It is the second month of school and I have already spent $700 in school supplies and need approximately $300 more worth of supplies. I am not buying premium brands or technology. I’m talking basics we use nearly every day. Sometimes we get money for things, and sometimes we don’t. So far this year, nothing. I am sharing this because I wanted everyone to know, we are not kidding about how much it takes to run a classroom you want your student in. We aren’t talking fancy decorations that cost that much. My bills were mostly books, notebooks, paper, glue sticks, crayons, colored pencils, markers, scissors, mini white boards, folders, organizing tools, and printer ink. The fact that I need other supplies for teaching? Good luck to me. Just sharing, love on your teachers

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