Summer Catch

As a teacher who owns a farm, I had been looking forward to summer for quite some time. I have lived in Georgia my entire life, but in spite of that I had forgotten something key that should have been obvious. Georgia is hot, and humid. My readers out there you are probably saying duh, but I had forgotten because I was focus on something else.

What does that call to Captain Obvious have to do with anything? Well, I was looking forward to summer for the opportunity to get more things done. My summer is nearly over, because teachers in my area go back to school early (seriously, earlier than anywhere I’ve ever worked). I am of course now feeling the panic of not having gotten my projects even close to done.

Now, I am looking forward to fall just so its not too hot to get anything done! Epic fail I know, but I just have so much to do! And of course, the cheaper way to do things are the ones that take longer. The ways that are cheaper and better to do require more time in the sun, and as a person with what I call, bad skin, I can’t be in the sun that long. At least I can enjoy all the seasons, but I have a week and a half left of summer, and I plan to make the most of it, even though I’m also having to start thinking about what I need to do with my room. Yikes!

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