A Mystery Solved

After working in camp barns over the years, I have encountered a huge variety of horse breeds. To name a few I’ve worked with Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Percherons, Appaloosas, Arabians, Haflingers, Welsh Ponies, Belgians, POAs, Warmbloods, TWH, and quite a few others. I mention these to demonstrate why I say that typically I do a decent job of figuring out a horse’s breed.

My Zeus though, has been a mystery. I bought him as a Tennessee Walking Horse however I didn’t not think for a second that is what he was. He was strong, gaited, and not spooky. He seemed too thick boned to be be a TWH, and rather level headed. I liked TWHs, but he just didn’t seem to fit the bill.

I was going to pay for a DNA kit, but then, I had the good fortune that Zeus was due for a chiropractor visit. Now, my chiropractor is amazing. She not only does chiropractic, but also magnawave, massage, and saddle fitting. She also has a talent for knowing breeds and knowing them well. My vet came out too and agreed. Drum roll please….

Rocky Mountain Horse x Spotted Saddle Horse

The guess is they were going for the Rocky’s color and gait with a bit more color, size and gait from the SSH. When he didn’t come out exactly how they wanted, like in the case of many who breed, off he went. Lucky him, he is in the best home now. He is going to be spoiled forever, starting today with his teeth floating.

Take a look at the picture, tell me what you think! Do you think they got it right?


Zeus, sorry he looks a bit zonked, teeth floating right before.



Rocky Mountain Horse



Spotted Saddle Horse


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