The Winter Wonder-FAIL

To those who don’t believe in climate change, I say to you: you are wrong. No debate that I am aware of can debate that. I am feeling especially sore on the subject at the moment, however I will own that I am have a big section of blame to claim for myself. You see, the weather in my area is generally lowest at approximately 28 degrees, and even then very few days of that. How that translates to my particular farm is that I didn’t even own blankets for my horses. Refresh for any who would like to get up in arms about that: My horses are both 10 years old, have full winter coats, and are very hardy. I also didn’t have any way or plan to deal with a frozen water tank. I have been working with horses since I was a child and never encountered a need for these.

Take a journey with me, if you will, down my road of epic failure yesterday. First when I woke and checked on the animals was that both the ducks and horses didn’t have access to water. Step one. First I figured I would just run water on top of the ice, I mean it would take longer than a couple minutes for the water to freeze. Except… the hose was also frozen. Ok. New plan I will tote some hot water up from the house. Wait, first let me try to break the ice. I had a pike with me, and that was it. No luck on the pike theory for the horses however it did work for the ducks. So I trade my pike for an axe and grab the water. Note, there is a hill involved in this water tote. The water is in, one swing of the axe and…. nothing. Second swing… CRACK.  Water- Check.

Now I have the next problem: I have never even measured a horse for a blanket. Down here it generally just doesn’t get cold enough to warrant them very often. I haven’t owned many horses, just worked with them for years. Those barns generally already had the blankets for the horses who needed them. Now I’m in the pasture measuring the horses via directions from text (thank God for the friends who will help you even when they have food poisoning.) I run to the nearby Tractor Supply now armed with the knowledge that I need two 78 inch medium or light weight blankets for turnout. Tractor supply has one that would work and it is an unfamiliar brand. Side note, I have no idea when the horses were blanketed last, if ever. Again, same friend came to remind me that while she boarded Holly for me and it got low one or two nights last year she had a blanketed her just fine.

I did try to pick up a tank heater my husband had put on hold their but it had sold out before the order had processed. I picked up a very close to the same heater but when I went to pay I did not have my wallet. Of course. I have them put the new heater on hold and call Michael to  come and get it.

Now there are only about 2 hours left of daylight and I need to get to the next town over where I called ahead and they have blankets. Michael and get in the car and race over, pick up a pair of blankets. We catch the pair of them, and Holly takes to hers no problem. Zeus on the other hand, needs some time. Luckily, this is one thing I do decently well with, training. Finally, well after dark he has it on, and my hands are frozen because I hate gloves. I look at the pair of them, and they both could have done with 75s instead.





Also if you want to check out that friend’s farm, if you need anything in the area I have a link. She’s amazing.




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