First Ride

Due to some issues I haven’t been able to ride Zeus since his arrival. I need to update other parts of the site. Anyway, I took him and Holly out with a friend. It was one of those glorious wonderful days where everything went perfect. I did notice the pasture has these awful pointy sticks left over from the dog fennel that need to be taken out, but it was marvelous. Sorry to gush y’all, but Zeus was smooth, level headed, responsive. Even with the positive there is the dark side. My pasture has these awful sticks and need to be herbicided. And I am reminded of the round pen I need, an arena, an actual barn… but focus on the positive. Amazing day.

For those looking at the pics yes he needed work on standing, and I think I’m going to change from this low port with the shank, to a full cheek snaffle. He needs a little more brake

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