Things Happen

There are many posts in many blogs saying how busy they get and that is why there is no writing. This is one of those posts. Except I'm also going to go on a mini rant. I am a teacher as I have revealed and school is back in session. I love where I am at and am enjoying my job despite some hiccups. I have to be a little vague here for confidentiality but I still think there is value in this. Too often people do not consider what we are teaching our kids. My job is to consider the things kids are intentionally taught but we don't have pedagogy telling us perfectly what to do about the accidental lessons. Some of those lessons come from teachers and some from home. This week I am contemplating the lesson of wrath. Children perceive it as acceptable to handle their issues with rage if they observe adults do it. Or what about quitting a job before it's done? Shouldn't we be teaching kids to see a task finished the right way?

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