When It Rains…

It pours. Anyone who owns a home of any kind, but especially a farm, knows there are always a hundred things to do. Often I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount, as aggravated by my anxiety disorder. Our current list is long and slow moving in the Georgia heat.
What brings me to write at the moment is the drop that has figuratively made the bucket overflow. Luckily it is ridiculous so I find myself laughing. Like many farms we have a well, A healthy well. Our well pump is less than healthy. It is old and we knew it would need to be replaced sooner or later. We were hoping for later since there is so much in the sooner category. Unfortunately when a person finds them self in a shower with no water, and no water anywhere else, the pump shifts to the sooner category. Especially when the hubs already went out to try and prime it, only to find the pump is smoking. I wish a nicotine addicted pump was the issue but alas, it is doubtful. My father luckily, is an excellent plumber and will likely be out soon. Need a recommendation metro Atlanta? Click the word plumber. Until then, talk to your pumps about tobacco addiction lest they start smoking too….

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