What Teachers Want Parents to Know

So, I am up for various reasons, see the other blogs if you’d like details, but point being, I’m writing a post that I’d been saving. I have moved to a new school district this year and just from the conversations I’ve overheard from parents in the school supply aisle I am psyched. Parents who are on kids about having a pencil! Won’t work, but appreciated nonetheless. The title of this post is what teachers want you to know. I have been fortunate in the level of support from parents, but I know many teachers get complaints about requests for tissues, disinfectant wipes, and dry erase markers among other things. What we want parents to understand is that we request these things and then still spend huge amounts on our class. I have spent over $200 so far. Yes there are programs that give away supplies. They are not common, and time consuming. What teachers want you to know is that we understand the supply list may feel long, and some items may seem like something that isn’t your responsibility, but by the end of year we have spent much of our time and money too. If you just do the best you can we appreciate it. Please just don’t complain. We teach because we love it not because it’s easy. We get a family may not be able to afford everything. Do your best and be there for your kids. We will help and do our best too

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