Duck Eggs currently available for sale!

Hello, and welcome to Oso Vino Farm’s webpage. We are glad you have found us and hope you will enjoy learning about our farm, and following our progress!

Oso Vino Farm is a ten acre farm located in Georgia around an hour from Atlanta. We are currently in the process of setting up the farm. We moved in April 2017, and with us came some of our animals. We don’t know precisely which direction our farm is going to take.

We are also considering honey, gardening (beyond our needs), and a few other ideas that I will keep under wraps for now. Have any suggestions for us? Contact us!

About Us


Hi, my name is Cayla. My husband Michael and I were married in November of 2016 and moved to our home and what is becoming Oso Vino Farm in April of 2017. We began work to turn it into a farm that would work for our plans. He is an engineer, and I’m figuring out what I am. I have been employed in the equine field, as a professional theatrical technician, and a special education teacher, amount other things.

We are still building up our farm, and deciding which ways we will take our farm. Michael is originally from North Carolina, and is a fan of the Wolf Pack. Cayla (me) is the primary writer of this site, and a Georgia native. I grew up working around horses, gardening, and being a general animal lover. Michael grew up helping grandparents around their farm.






We have duck eggs for sale. Contact us if you are interested or have questions. This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.